Brief History

American University of Leadership had very humble beginnings indeed. In 1998, the Training and Consulting group called AMS in Alexandria, Virginia began to carve a pioneering path that later on would lead to international success. When AMS responded to the demands of many clients in the field of business and continuing education; it sparked ongoing international attention and requests to expand its services in the field of higher education to countries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The vast industry demand for an affordable high-quality program gave birth to American University of Leadership (AUL). .

From the start, AUL’s leadership instilled the innovative idea of making higher education accessible to U.S. students as well as Internationals wanting to receive a quality education without incurring prohibitive debt. This ingenious combination proved successful and the AUL online e-campus launched in 2010, while the brick and mortar campus was launched in Metrowest, Orlando, FL in 2014.

AUL, USA is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education (CIE)/FLDOE) and Accredited in Morocco by "ACBSP" Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (under the auspices of the Council of Higher Education and Accreditation, CHEA).

AUL has many international partners, who share the same vision and mission of the university, they are located in Morocco, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Benin, and Togo.
As AUL representatives they are available to meet with potential students and help them navigate the admissions process.

University Board members have designed a visionary mission for AUL. This foresight supports our students and professionals in obtaining high quality management and technology skills with enough insight to ultimately become leaders and entrepreneurs. AUL believes that by supporting and educating students they will succeed in helping themselves, their community and their environment.